Product Feature – Novas

Introducing Smart Lock™

Smart Lock™ is the latest innovation from Novas. This state-of-the-art design is installed directly into the door frame, eliminating the need for bulky digital systems that are fixed to the door. With Smart Lock™, you have digital control over access to your front door via the Novas Smart Lock™ app. The One Touch Unlocking feature creates a shortcut for secure, fast, and easy access.
Unprecedented control from your smart device.

Why choose Smart Lock™? Novas is the Smart Lock™ solution for smart people. With its Bluetooth Smart Technology, Smart Lock™ provides unprecedented security and total access control from your smart device. The cloud-free electronic key (eKey) distribution and control, utilising military-grade AES end-to-end encryption, offers users complete peace of mind.


Smart Lock™ offers a variety of features, including Bluetooth technology, mobile phone app control, voice control with Siri and Android, network integration capabilities, embedded smart controller, zero web presence, contactless door opening, flexible door hardware integration, eKey unlocking function, time period control, multiple user capability, door status monitor, D8 commercial grade durability, S8 commercial grade security, fire-rated, 2-year battery life, 25-year mechanical warranty, and 12 months electronics warranty.

Intelligent Design

The design of Smart Lock™ is both functional and aesthetic. The in-built technology is invisible to the eye, making digital security systems a thing of the past. With the key sharing feature, you can share unlimited access, one-time access, or specific times for family, friends, guests, or service people. Novas Smart Lock™ gives you complete control over who has digital keys and when they can use them.

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