In Good Company

“Tell me your company, and I’ll tell you who you are”.

An evening of design-inspired conversations, Circa recently played host to a very special dinner at Society, a gathering of some of the most respected and influential figures in Australian Architecture and Design.

These famous words are thought to have first appeared in the influential Spanish novel “Don Quixote” by Miguel de Cervantes, in two parts published in 1605 and 1615.

It would seem that even in Renaissance times, a period that sparked the birth of modern art, design and architecture, we identified that a person is not defined by their actions alone, but also by the company that they keep.

The Renaissance was a wonderful moment in time that continues to resonate and shape our existence. It was the catalyst for unbounded creative expression, the sharing of revolutionary ideas and visions amongst like-minded people.

Shuffle forward 400-odd years to a perfect summer’s evening at Society Restaurant for another (humbler) renaissance moment, this time for Circa.

Set in Society’s sumptuous private dining room (expertly created by award winning designers Russell and George), Showroom by Bowens played host to a very special dinner, a gathering of some of the most respected and influential figures in Australian Architecture and Design. The room was alive with all manner of conversations.

Needless to say the dining experience was all that one could wish for, and the perfect backdrop to something far more meaningful. On reflection, this gathering was a welcome reminder that we are inherently social creatures who grow from our shared experiences. Finally out of hibernation, and into Society, with the impeccable company of peers, colleagues and friends – it felt right, and it felt nourishing. Stories and ideas were shared, old friendships reinvigorated, new friendships made, and future opportunities explored.

In the words of designers Russell and George “Society is a space that is designed to invite you back again and again”.

We cannot wait.

In Good Company

Special guests included some of Australia’s most influential and respected designers and makers, including Fiona Lynch (Fiona Lynch Interior Design Office), Byron George (Russell and George), Chris Haddad (Archier), James Harper (Brooking Harper), Adele Bates (Adele Bates Design), Marylou Cafaro (CM Design), and Georgia Danos (Creative and Brand Director at James Richardson Furniture, and Co-founder of fashion emporium Grace).

In Good Company

It was a pleasure to have Lisa and Kevin Tuersley from Two Tease join us whilst in Melbourne for the Denfair Interior Design Event at the MCEC. Circa is proud to be working with Two Tease, offering their incredible European door hardware to architects, designers, specifiers and builders. Make an appointment to visit us at Circa and we’ll step you through the myriad of exclusive and award winning architectural door hardware solutions from Formani (Netherlands), Jolie (Belgium), M&T (The Czech Republic), AGB (Italy).

In Good Company

The best Architects and Designers can envision incredible outcomes, but it takes a specialised builder and shopfitter to interpret and realise the creative vision. Our guests Ivo Baldari (IDB) and Mark Bailey (Thirteen Projects) are the go-to for residential or commercial projects. Think of Ivo and Mark as the Skunk Works for A&D and you’re on the right track.

In Good Company

Supporting and endorsing the work and profile of Australian Designers through dedicated media, awards, and education programs is an essential component to the growth of the broader design industry. Nobody does it better than our guests Cassie Hanson (Architecture Media), Jane Wheeler (Architecture Media), Jan Henderson (Indesign), and Bernadette Wilson (Design Institute of Australia).

Photography (colour) courtesy of Lucas Group. Images (colour) by Tom Blachford.