Product Feature – Formani X Piet Boon

Introducing the iconic Piet Boon Range of architectural doorware and accessories, now available at Circa.

The ONE, TWO, INC and ARC collections are the result of an incredible collaboration between Dutch design icon Piet Boon Studio, and heavyweight architectural doorware manufacturer FORMANI, also from the Netherlands.

The ONE collection, launched in 2010, embodies minimalism. Its cylindrical shape is consistent across the range, offering a timeless design that has made it FORMANI’s best-selling collection.

The TWO collection is one of the most elaborate products in the FORMANI catalogue. The assembly of these fittings is completed by hand, with every piece of wood milled independently and fitted together with stainless parts.

In celebration of their ten-year milestone, Piet Boon and FORMANI released INC and ARC. A winner of the Red Dot Design Award, INC’s shape was created by flattening the circular cylinder form and tapering the end. This provides the handle with a smooth inclined form, after which the INC was named.

The award winning ARC collection is defined by its unique silhouette, created by dividing the cylinder exactly in half which gives the ARC its characteristic flat side and a side characterised by an arch shape – after which the ARC is named.

As Piet Boon has so eloquently explained: “The simplest details leave a lasting impression. Therefore never underestimate the importance of door fittings.” The team at Circa couldn’t agree more, and that’s why we know that you’ll fall in love with these amazing collections just as we have. Visit our showroom to experience them first hand.

Left to Right: FORMANI INC in PVD satin black, FORMANI ONE in white, FORMANI TWO, stainless steel/oak wood.