Project Profile – Elphin Grove

Elphin Grove exemplifies the seamless integration of classic charm and modern design. Led by Bryant Alsop Architects and delivered by Fortem Projects, this renovation and addition project showcases a meticulous approach to space, light, and elegance.

Elevating Elphin Grove: Classic Charm meets Contemporary Design.

Bryant Alsop Architects’ vision for Elphin Grove focused on enhancing its original period charm while introducing contemporary elements. This resulted in a dynamic and uplifting interior, characterised by high ceilings, changes in levels, and a refined use of finishes.

At the heart of Elphin Grove’s transformation is Circa’s Arbre French Oak Engineered flooring in Luxe. This exclusive flooring solution not only modernises the space but also adds warmth and classical elegance. The flooring extends seamlessly from the entrance into the kitchen, dining area, and sunken living space, creating a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. The staircase, crafted from the same Arbre French Oak, features a sophisticated bullnose detail with brass inlay, adding a touch of luxury to the space.

Builder and Architect Collaborate.

Fortem Projects’ expertise as high end builders is evident throughout Elphin Grove, showcasing their commitment to collaboration and craftsmanship. Working closely with Bryant Alsop Architects, they have delivered a superb result, reflecting their experience and passion for creating distinguished period and contemporary homes.

Circa’s Commitment to Excellence.

Circa’s Arbre Luxe floor plays a pivotal role in Elphin Grove’s transformation, offering both beauty and functionality. This exclusive flooring solution modernises the space while honouring its historic character, exemplifying Circa’s dedication to delivering premium architectural products. To learn more about our Engineered and Solid Timber flooring, make sure to book an appointment at our award winning
Showroom in Port Melbourne.

Images: Jack Lovel.