Project Profile – Hepburn House

Hepburn House by Branch Architects expertly rejuvenates a historic 1911 weatherboard cottage on Hepburn Springs’ outskirts, amidst the scenic mineral springs bushland reserve. Meticulously restored, the house preserves its original floor plan and rich familial history. The client’s vision seamlessly integrates a sympathetic addition with a living area and master bedroom, skillfully utilising small windows for panoramic views. The new living space, adorned in Queensland Spotted Gum timber, extends toward the landscape.

Inspired by Lina Bo Bardi’s Casa Di Vidro, the design features a masterful staircase enhancing continuity with the landscape. The addition, honoring the cottage’s heritage, incorporates Y-shaped columns and a white
rammed earth mud-room.

Working closely with MDC Building Group, Circa and Bowens proudly contribute to this architectural masterpiece, achieving a delicate balance between tradition and innovation.

Based in Leongatha Victoria, MDC Building Group is an Australian-owned construction company specialising in architecturally designed residential and commercial builds, including refurbishment projects. With precision and attention to detail, MDC Building Group played a crucial role in creating this unique and iconic residence, featuring our Spotted Gum wall linings and Blackbutt flooring.

A thoughtful interplay of materials including rammed earth, our Queensland Spotted Gum shiplap linings, and our solid Blackbutt overlay timber flooring, creates a harmonious connection between interior and exterior. Explore our exclusive timber linings and flooring at our award winning Port Melbourne showroom by booking an appointment.

Photography by Peter Clarke.