Project Profile – Sorrento House

Known for its iconic Australian beaches, native landscapes, vineyards, day spas, and golf courses, the Mornington Peninsula is one of life’s greatest pleasures. So it comes as no surprise that the Peninsula is
sprinkled with idyllic coastal homes and retreats, and Sorrento House is no exception.

There’s no secret that team at Circa and Bowens have a particular soft spot for Sorrento House. Flushed with pride, Darren Minto – BDM at Circa – worked closely with Bluline Projects to deliver a beautiful home designed by the highly talented and respected team at Neil Architecture.

At every touchpoint, Darren can point out the myriad of interior and exterior products supplied by Circa and Bowens for this stunning build. Outside, there’s decking, cladding, battens, brush fencing, and an integrated custom entry door and door handle. Inside, there’s VJ lining boards, custom internal and sliding doors with VJ routing to match, custom pull handles, door hardware and hinges.

They say a picture tells a thousand words, and as wonderful as the images of the finished project are, they tell only part of the story. A project undertaken whilst Victoria was in the grips of Covid lockdowns, perhaps our most satisfying achievement was our ability to navigate through the challenges of ongoing supply issues, in particular Blackbutt cladding and VJ panels, whilst also curating custom solutions, to ensure that Bluline could deliver to time frame and budget.

For Darren, and the team at Circa and Bowens, the experience and learnings taken from this project hold us in good stead. As supply chain and product shortages continue to impact some parts of our industry,
we have the knowledge, experience – and passion – to help Builders and Architects get the job done and get it done right. If you’d like to learn more about Sorrento House, or discuss solutions for your own project,
don’t hesitate to contact the Circa Showroom.

Photography by James Newman.