Project Feature – Within Yoga Studio


In the heart of a vibrant community, WITH/N Yoga Studio emerged as a unique fusion of traditional yoga and modern sensibilities. The renovation of this space was marked by a considered choice of materials and a desire to reconnect with the local yoga community. Circa played a central role in this transformation, supplying our exclusive Arbre Engineered French Oak Timber Flooring in Argent colour decor. This choice was not only an aesthetic one but also a pragmatic decision, as the flooring offers both beauty and functionality.

To enhance the flooring’s performance, Circa provided Dunlop Advantage 3 Acoustic Rubber and Cork Underlay, which not only adds comfort under foot but also improved acoustic qualities.

Natural light plays a significant role in the studio’s ambience. The Arbre Argent Timber flooring creates a serene and inviting atmosphere, encouraging practitioners to immerse themselves in their yoga practice. The studio’s colour scheme was carefully curated to include bronze, copper, black, and white tones, chosen for their timeless appeal. The minimalist finishes were selected to ensure that the focus remained on the yoga practice without distractions. What distinguishes WITH/N Yoga Studio is its simplicity. It eschews flashy embellishments and spiritual motifs in favour of a minimalist, uncluttered design.

Circa’s Arbre Engineered French Oak Timber Flooring stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of natural materials, delivering a sense of peace and purpose within this unique space. To learn more about our Engineered and Solid Timber flooring, make sure to book an appointment at our award winning Showroom.

Photography by James Newman.